Howard and Connie's Coot

Check out this Restoration... These photos were sent to me by Howard and Connie. 

Jul11_04.jpg (108329 bytes)     Jul11_05.jpg (115147 bytes)     Jul11_07.jpg (99908 bytes)     Jul11_06.jpg (127448 bytes)    Jul11_08.jpg (105574 bytes)  Jul11_09.jpg (113292 bytes) 

    Jul11_10.jpg (129226 bytes)     drain plugs.jpg (78844 bytes)     engine2002_0730_211414AA.jpg (112820 bytes)    fueltank2002_0730_211414AA.jpg (115678 bytes)     Stops2.jpg (113118 bytes)

          muffler2002_0730_211830AA.jpg (96039 bytes)     gearshft2002_0730_211408AA.jpg (105694 bytes)     gearshif2002_0730_211408AA.jpg (128059 bytes)     steering stops.jpg (122290 bytes)     Apr23_06.jpg (112226 bytes)

Brake.jpg (131513 bytes)     



Fan/shroud and vent holes.....stopped the hot air up front and vapor locking due to heat in the engine area.

Air_VentsOct09_02.jpg (96259 bytes)


Here is a step, makes getting into the rear tub a little easier.

Dec18_01.jpg (106089 bytes)



Howard sent in the pic of a trailer he made from an old tub.

Coottrailer.jpg (129987 bytes)


Howard's Cargo Rack

cargo1.jpg (125394 bytes)  cargo2.jpg (124045 bytes)

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